I've always had a camera.  I remember when I was seven or eight taking a Brownie box camera and shooting a plastic gorilla standing on a shag carpet, hoping it would look real.  I spent three days in anticipation while waiting for the film to be developed to see if it worked (it didn't).

I dabbled in the darkroom in the seventies and eighties, first shooting with a Yashica then a Canon.  But with a family to support, photography took a back seat;  consequently somewhere in storage are thousands of slides, prints and negatives seen once and filed.

In 2000, with digital still in its infancy and my girls grown and gone, I bought a small Olympus.  I took it to Mexico twice, to Appalachia, to Montana and, in 2004, to Senegal.  Every cell phone on earth now has better resolution, but I loved it; the genesis of a passion.

In 2005, just before a trip to Italy, I bought one of the early Nikon DSLRs, a D70, and began the rudiments of post processing.  In real estate at the time I used it for real estate brochures, often for other agents as well as myself.  The passion grew...

...and exploded in 2014.  We were on a choir tour of France, Belgium and The Netherlands.  I'd upgraded to a D7100 and became the unofficial group photographer.  After processing the day's pics, I'd send an email blast to about 170 people back home, with links to the uploaded photos.  I was stunned:  After the first four days, there were over 10,000 picture views; a week after we were back, over 50,000.  Back I put together photo books of the trip, bought my first professional lens, upgraded to a full-frame D750, and haven't looked back since.  Similar trips to Honduras (twice) and Zambia produced similar results:  There have now been a cumulative 300,000+ views.  I was hooked.

I've expanded my lenses and bought studio equipment and accessories.  I've shot events including weddings and trade shows; shot portraits; shot landscapes - what better place than the Pacific Northwest? - and I love travel.  In January, 2016 I retired to devote full time to my passion.  Every day since I've done photo shoots, processed pictures and/or studied how to get better at taking and processing pictures.  I've compressed years into months, and I absolutely love it.

Now:  If you need a photographer, I'm here!  Please feel free to browse; if you see a picture you particularly like, licensing is available, as well as 8.5x11, 13x19 and 17x22 fine art prints.  (Please do not order through the SmugMug site.  Terrific people, poor quality prints.)

Thank you!

Jeff Kempe



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